You read it right, folks, Keeran Briarwood is in the need for money, thus is open for commissions!

What I offer:

Single fully colored bust or half-body of your or your friend's character. Doesn't even have to Wildstar character. I'll draw everything under the sun, so whether you want a Mechari, Mordesh or Draken, or even Aurin, I'll do it.

Price: 15$ for bust, 20$ for half-body


If you want to commission me, just hit me up either in-game (Keeran Briarwood) or send me a message on enjin and tell me what you want me to draw. I'll need picture references. If your character has special markings or something please let me know.

I will give you my paypal email address, and will start sketching as soon as I receive the first half of the payment - $7.50

Once I get all the references I will send you a sketch to see if it's okay, and when I receive an approval and payment I'll start outlining and coloring the drawing.

NOTE: DO NOT send me the rest of the payment before I produce and show you the sketch. However I WILL NOT start coloring your picture until I receive the full amount.
Please let me know if you wish me to post the portrait or simply send it to you via enjin/email and keep it private.
If the work is posted I might ask to use it in my portfolio. You reserve the right to decline.

Examples of my work:


Q: How long does it take?
A: Usually two or three days. I will notify you if something takes longer

Q: I got my sketch but decided not to commission you.
A: That's fine, however I reserve the right to keep the first half of the payment you've sent.

Q: Can I use different currency to pay you?
A: Normally I'd prefer to be paid, but that depends. Let me know what you have in mind.

Any other questions are welcome ~