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Commission the Mer [OPEN]

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See next post for current holiday version! c:


(Disclaimer: I realize many of these examples aren't Wildstar related, but I am willing to draw any and all WS races/genders - I just lacked the proper style samples to display :d)

Since I’m about done with my current job (a.k.a entering the broke zone once again, welp), I’m officially opening my commissions for anyone interested! c: I’ll do 5 slots at a time.

Slot 1: [empty]
Slot 2: [empty]
Slot 3: [empty]
Slot 4: [empty]
Slot 5: [empty]

If you’re at all interested, contact me here/in a private message or chat, or at my e-mail:, and we can talk the details and such ^^


- I reserve the right to decline a commission if I feel uncomfortable with your request (not that I’m very likely to do that).
- I reserve the right to post the commission in any form in my personal portfolios (deviantart, tumblr, etc.), unless you specifically ask me not to (in which case you can state your reasons, and we’ll discuss it, no worries!)
- Payment is through paypal, and I generally ask for payment after I completed the first sketch and you've seen the preview. I found this to be the fairest way to both parties c:
-You are free to use your commission for any kinds of personal uses; you are however, prohibited from distributing it for financial gain (a.k.a. selling it in any way).
- Please state if you plan on having your commission printed afterwards so I can adjust the resolution accordingly.
- Backgrounds: I’m currently not doing any kind of complex backgrounds, but if you have something simple in mind to add to your drawing, feel free to let me know and we’ll discuss the price! ^^

That's that, I think! Thanks!
Posted Nov 25, 15 · OP · Last edited Nov 29, 15

*The listed prices are already calculated and include the 20% discount. ^^

Holiday Commissions!

Hey guys, here's a holiday version of my commissions for anyone interested (: This offer applies to any and all commissions ordered between November 29th 2015 and January 1st 2016.

What could you get?

  • holiday gift arts for your friends
  • custom (digital) holiday card motives for you to send around
  • holiday themed characters & OCs
  • other (basically all the usual stuff :d)
To ensure these are done within the holiday timeframe, I’ll do 4 slots at a time, and re-open once I’m done with those.
Slot 1: [empty]
Slot 2: [empty]
Slot 3: [empty
Slot 4: [empty]

If you’re interested, contact me here, in a message, on Discord, or on my e-mail:, and we’ll discuss further details. (:

The rest of the rules apply as before.
Posted Nov 29, 15 · OP
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