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Taking FREE requests! (OPEN)

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WOW I was not expecting this many people to want my art lol
Heya Bubbles! The art looks pretty great! Zynenna Here certainly could use a little art if you have the time and mind to do an Aurin! Plus it seems you haven't had something with fluff! The only note to really add is a Large Scar on one side of her neck, visible from the front still.
^ Thank you! Yup, definitely not enough fluff, I'd love to draw Zyn!
I'd love to see a drawing of my Chua character Butch. He looks pretty much the same seen in the pic. Just that hes always frowning. Take your time! I don't wanna miss this opportunity.
^ Ahhh Chua are so much fun to draw, and I love his frowny face!
I'mma just take complete advantage of your kind offer so if you have the time I'd love a drawing of Niqe please and thank you \o/
^ omg I'd be happy to draw Niqe! Male aurin are always fun
If you wanna draw a Mordesh, here's Thalril!
And if you wanna try a Draken, here's Lorelei!
^ I don't know how to decide which to draw, both are awesome ;A; So you might just get sketches of both haha (but omg mordesh glassmouth face, my weakness I love them so much)
If you're interested in drawing Aurin, here's my character Juniper!
^ Oh Juniper is lovely!
Your art is stunning!! Maybe you can draw Virith, if it's not any trouble. ;u; (Here's their in-game appearance, just in case!)

Thank you so much! ;0;

^ Ahhh omg thank you so much for your kind words! Virith is adorably awesome (I love all the scars) so I'd be happy to draw them!
Posted Nov 4, 15 · OP · Last edited Nov 4, 15
Lorelei / Thalril Benefactor
omg haha THANK YOU
THat mordesh face is the best face
Lorelei Blackclaw | Thalril Vitayev
Leader of Shezka's Blade
Posted Nov 5, 15
If you'd like to draw my, cocky, Cassian, Spellslinger, Robert Neoson I would really love that! The picture might not be too good, if you wanna give him a go and need better pictures don't be afraid to ask. Thanks dude, your art is sweet.
Posted Nov 26, 15
If you're not too swamped, I'd like to get in on this with a picture of Jaroshi? ^-^b

Posted Nov 27, 15
I want to have my Chua drawn. For visual reference. I want a close-up view of him on the chair but the legionaire poster should have 1600AE label (2000AD reference) on top and a Radiant Legionairre (short dark hair with grey temple, scar on left side of his face) holding a sword in front of the face.
Douglas Bricius (Cassian Warrior Scientist, OC and Main character)
Brigid Bree (Human Stalker Soldier, Exiles Alt and future brewery owner)
Ferg McJinti (Chua Working Class Author)
Valeria Caesarius (Fleet Officer and a Lady)
Ursula Zaros (Mordesh Medical Migrator)
Posted Nov 27, 15 · Last edited Nov 27, 15
Bunny would love, and very much be appreciative of, a picture of her dancing with Bubbles at the Villa!
Posted Nov 27, 15
Ah wow I'm so sorry for disappearing so suddenly! I had a lot of RL stuff going on and didn't feel like playing/have as much time to as I'd have liked. I'll definitely get on these ASAP.

And omg Bunny I would love to draw that <3 :d
Posted Nov 27, 15 · OP
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