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[Query]Killroy 2.0

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Remarus Locke Benefactor
Chatlinks is the name-pinger

I recommend Chatsplitter, personally. I prefer how it functions, but some folks prefer the killroy interface /shrug.
Killroy also has the name-ping function as of the lastest major update. It also currently supports adding in aliases to highlight.
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Posted Oct 26, 15
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Ender a
Killroy also has the name-ping function as of the lastest major update. It also currently supports adding in aliases to highlight.

Nice, I wasn't aware that got added, definitely have to play around with that next time I'm on! That is something I'd love to see in any future versions as well :)
Posted Oct 26, 15
I basically enjoy and use all of Killroy's features. Name-mention and channel alias is a big winner for me. I also like the range filter and occlusion. I've been using the inline animated emotes more frequently for some of my characters and I feel that adds an extra level of liveliness to them.
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Posted Oct 27, 15
Script --

It's great to hear that KR is getting a rewrite to clean up some of the more problematic code in it. I'm sure you've got a handle on things, but if I can help in any way let me know.

To be clear on my own intentions, I have never intended of viewed CS as in 'competition' with KR. Killroy is an incredible add-on which had been a major boon to the RP community and I have nothing but respect for your work on it. It just always has done way more than I personally would ever need or use, so will continue to maintain and develop CS as a more lightweight, less feature-heavy alternative.
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Posted Oct 27, 15
Soey Benefactor
must have:
- range filter (though I never really used or needed the falloff thing, always have that on minimum)
- different colors between said text and emoted text

nice to have:
- channel colors
- x-faction-chat
- mentions

All three of those are actually covered by other addons tho afaik - if Killroy 2.0 would be fully compatible with them, there'd be no need for those features in Killroy itself.

also nice to have:
- inline {emotes}

And ofc I'd be happy to help you maintain it again :)
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Posted Oct 27, 15 · Last edited Oct 27, 15
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