[exiles only]
[Ira is looking for any species, even her own, to share their culture. she is putting together a book for herself and others of the village.]

There appears to be a small piece of paper pinned to a Thayd bulletin board. The writing is organized and plastered along a paper decorated with various animals.

Dearest population of Thayd and beyond,

I am seeking assistance. I am looking for Mordesh, Granok or Human willing to share their cultural background. There are tiny envelopes and papers attached to the bottom to this message. Please send me a letter. I do not use datachrons.

PS: Aurin are welcome to apply too. I am looking for those wishing to share their tribe's background.

Signed -
Matria Horizonwalker of Verdune

[Anyone interested in welcome to write a letter to horizonwalker. also wanting to meet up in-game sometime!]