(( No longer anon ))

My thanks go to you all, but most especially to Else'wyr, the treefriend of Ryosah Everbloom. Though it was a long and arduous path, the Weave is no longer silent in my ears. Else's sacrifice will not be in vain - for he not only saved his friend, he has given me purpose and a voice like I have never known before.

I will be hosting a small party in the coming weeks to celebrate Else and his gifts. Though I do not know the venue yet. I hope to see you all there, for your offers of kindness and assistance renewed my faith in the Weave as surely as Else opened my ears to it's mysteries. I have so much yet to learn, and look forward to the learning.

Celest Sandglider, aka Bunny Munchkin
aka Lonely in the Woods

I must also thank many others, without whom this would not have been possible - Lyryra, Zynlli, Niqe, Azree, Malluma, Jarothi, Melra, Elizsha, and all those who travelled through the darkness of Broken Ryo's pain, I am in your debt.

(( OOC This played out in the three-parter "Grumpy Trees and Grabby Branches", by Ryosah Everbloom - it was a wonderful event ))