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Dr. Rix's Hypothesese

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**below is an excerpt from a paper published by (now Keeper) Dr. Haephelon Rix of House Dalakan within the Dominion.**

"Regarding Esper abilities: the overall field of abilities and anomalies associated with 'Espers' is heretofore called 'esperancy.'

"Esperancy, simply summarized, is the interaction between certain organic cerebrums and the energetic dimension known as 'the Void'. These interactions can take almost any format imagineable, which is why the summary remains so vague.

"Some concrete examples of esperancy: telekinesis, pyrokinesis, telepathy, psychic manifestation

"In more common scientific terms, an Esper can be compared to a radio tower able to emit signals through the Void. The Void interprets these signals, and returns some tangible effect. It is important to note that the Void itself is the power source AND medium. The organic brain involved is effectively a conduit.

"What can become confusing to many in analyzing esperancy is the effect it has on the brain and body of the user. It can be tempting to forget the conduit, and focus entirely on the effects produced. This is a mistake.

"While the Void is the power source and medium, it always transmits the results back through the conduit, and this produces strain. Different brains will be able to interact with the Void in different ways, and this includes what tasks strain them more or less. This overall phenomena is why some Espers seem 'talented' for specific effects compared to others, and why it seems that every Esper has a different way of not only using their abilities, but often choosing to describe their abilities in almost unrelatable terms.

"Now, something that is oddly less known, despite being obvious, is that the Void is also the source of the energy and effects of Sigils, most commonly known for how Slingers use them.

"Sigils represent primal patterns that resonate with the Void's dimensional matrix. Similar to how an Esper brain transmits a signal to the Void for an effect, so, too, does a sigil. Sigils are simply permanent, stable, and predictable. While we have a vast alphabet of sigils easily available for study and replication, it stands to reason that there is a quasi-infinite alphabet of these primal patterns that we CALL sigils, and we simply haven't discovered more yet.

"If one could break down the essence of sigils and HOW they interact with the Void at such an intrinsic level, we may experience a paradigm shift in galactic society due to the severity of the changes that would make in ... every field.

"A particular anomaly worthy of note due to historical, political, and scientific relevance is the aurin concept of 'the Weave'. Setting aside cultural investment for the Exile species, the Weave is a pre-defined element within the Void.

"Effectively, it is the combined subconscious manifestation of the aurin species. At some, unspecified point in history, it likely was indistinguishable from the normal Void, but there has been enough aurin elements focusing on it for long enough that the Weave has become self-replicating. It taps the aurin as much as the aurin tap into it, and it has made itself as much as they make it.

"It is especially relevant after the scouring of Arboria. The number of aurin minds that expressed fear, hate, and fury at the moment of death in rapid succession under the Planet Devourers created a surge in the Weave's isolated psychic identity.

"Why does this matter?

"If you are not aurin, and you attempt to esperantically touch the Weave, the Weave will try to kill you. If you're Chua, in particular, I advise against the attempt. In effect, you can consider the Weave a hostile Aurin Esper that simply keeps itself to the Void, and only communes with Aurin.

"It is simply a hostile Esper on a power-scale we can't quantify. Thankfully, it seems reactionary rather than proactive, or we might have a very serious, constantly escalating threat to Dominion Espers and sigil-users. Or, in fact, ANY non-aurin tapping the Void."

**excerpt concluded; full transcript sealed behind secure encryption**
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*little bump* -- this remains the essential head-canon used in-character by the House Dalakan rp group.
Posted Jan 3, 17 · OP