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Homestead Radio with Aquaria Jadestone [Global]

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By chance of an anamoly caused by a recent eletrical storm a small-time disc jockey finds herself speaking to an unexpected audience. Her show is on an encrypted frequency, but due to the imbalance of radio waves caused by the storm she can now be heard by any who stumbles upon her deep velvety voice...

"The sky is set afire with stars tonight and I can't help but be amazed tha' we made it. Instead of living amongst 'em like we were one 'em stars just hangin' there without a home we can now sit back, look up and be amazed. If you ain't impressed by tha'..." she pauses and audibly begins to laugh through her nose as if she was holding her breath. After a small cough and another chuckle she continues, "Well, let's just say ya missing some rock salt in ya ice cream maker."

" 'course nothing here come easy, suga. Almost everything wan's to eat us, kill us, or both. Good thing we feel tha same right?" She giggles at her own joke again and then sighs.

"Jus' remember to keep an eye on ya six an' you'll be aight. Keep one on ya buddy's too, cause they might miss tha jump watchin' YOUR back. Ain' nobody gotta be alone out 'ere unless tha's what they aimin' for. In that case, keep two eyes on them. They need it."

A funky beat begins to play softly and doesn't quite become audible until the dj signs off.

"If ya listenin' tonight, remember ya not alone. The stars you see above are the same ones I see. Even tha' bug eyed creep tryin' to shoot first sees the same sky. As for me, I'm gonna go park my ass in a lawn chair, open a cold one and ponder tha' while I keep the jabbits out my carrots."
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"I highly doubt you're going to get anything from that radio-"
"Shhh! I think I got something!
"Rob, it's static."

"It's a different kinda static. More coherent static." The soldier said, fingers scratching through the gruff on his jaw. Jake only rolled his eyes and went back to going over the data he found earlier today, while his brother was doing his best to provide some way of helping out Exiles out in Galeras. Of course, one of Robert's Granok superiors would come by and give the same questions. "When are ya gonna put your research to use?" "We need weapons, not notes." "At least put some stones on those bones!"

He never really understood why he was being bothered, but Robert was always there to tell the Granok to just leave him alone and not get him pulled into things he might not want to be a part of. Maybe because Robert was good at what he did that it got him some attention himself? He wasn't sure, considering Robert's off hour habits. Either way, it provided a lifestyle they wanted, and they had a home within Thayd that they could have some sense of security in. At the mere thought of Robert's off hour behavior however, a woman walked out from the soldier's bedroom, wearing comfortable sweatpants and a tank top, her "sex hair" as Robert apparently calls it, tied up loosely in a bun.

Robert and the woman talked, yet Jake didn't pay attention. All he knew was that the moment he turned his back, they were gone and their bedroom door could be heard closing just as quickly as it was locked. His eyes kept to the general direction of that bedroom before sighing softly to himself. For a man who seemed so keen on looking after his younger brother, he didn't seem to be a man of much responsibilities, or even pay attention despite the presence of a woman.

Despite his thoughts, the radio's static pierced through his conscious processing, causing him to turn his head to the dingy little rust bucket. Setting his datachron pad off to the side on the desk in their living room, he walked over to their wooden and chipped table. He took a seat in the chair, which teetered back and forth on the case of a messed up leg. Might as well humor himself, no? He began to twist at the dial, doing his best to find a signal. It only took him a few twists to find himself listening to the voice of some woman. His brow raised, before a small huff of amusement came from him. That was easy...

He listened, quietly to the woman as he leaned back in his chair with a grip on his chin. It was almost relaxing, to just hear someone talk that wasn't as brash as his brother and his fellow soldiers.

"Jus' remember to keep an eye on ya six an' you'll be aight. Keep one on ya buddy's too, cause they might miss tha jump watchin' YOUR back. Ain' nobody gotta be alone out 'ere unless tha's what they aimin' for. In that case, keep two eyes on them. They need it."

He paused, looking back to Robert's room. Although he didn't bother to listen if they were up to anything in there, he took the moment to think. In fact, it made him think things over. Maybe... Despite his childish attitude, and the careless behavior, there's some shred of responsibility to him. To be fair, he uses protection. That has to count as some sort of consideration and responsibility. Not to mention Robert always did stand up for him, when he was incapable of doing so himself. Then, it hit him...

"If ya listenin' tonight, remember ya not alone."

He stayed quiet, taking in her words. They were relaxing, reassuring even. He looked back to his desk, walking over and taking a seat in the chair so it would be easier to bend down a bit and open up the thin yet wide drawer right beneath the desk. Pushing aside pens, pencils, tools, and other science stuff, he reaches for a dull metal locket. There was no designs, no name etched into it. Just a simple locket, that when pressed open, showed a family of four.

A proud, happy family of four. A brave father, a loving mother, and two young boys who smiles seemed to light up the world.

A lot has changed since then, that's something he'll admit. His eyes venture out the window, past other buildings and spires that may reach out for the night sky a few blocks down their safe haven. She was right, he wasn't alone. He had his brother to keep him company, his scanbot.

And a brave father and a loving mother who watched over the two now grown boys. Watching from the stars themselves.

He never felt more at ease on a night like this in years. It was good to be reunited with the feeling.
Posted Oct 2, 15
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Nero had had enough of his 'crew' for the night.

Sand squelched and shifted under the Cassian's feet, when he finally made it from the jungle's tall grass and came to the nearby beach of Dipper's Cove. His ship was still in sight, her lights low in the firefly infested night air; Nero didn't dare go farther in the jungle, nor into the nearby slick caves. He hadn't brough his blades, or his suit--he hadn't even brought his AI DZ-113. With his boots and an old-fashioned radio in his hand, he stood in the gently lapping water of the shore in his bare feet, and glared up at the brilliant display of cosmos and stars above him. A bedazzling canopy, breathtaking with a lack of civilization for miles and miles around...

The Cassian grumbled and kicked at the water. Hated it.

He turned, and parked himself further back up the shore, plopping down in dryer sand while his feet still stayed in the lapping sea foam. To give himself something to do, the sour human fiddled with his radio and tried to get the damn thing to work. Rummage had dismantled his datachron, Kragg had eaten the store of food Nero had THOUGHT he had hidden well, Crowbar wouldn't shut up with his complaints and shit-talking--so now, with an empty stomach, he was forced to retreat from the cramped Red Heron, and squat on this miserable beach at the dead of night. And bother...with...this...damn fucking thing--!

"--set afire with stars tonight and I can't help but be amazed tha' we made it."

...What in Dominus' name... Nero stared and squinted at the lit up screen of the little radio, tilting his head when cutting from the roar of static was...well it certainly wasn't the channel Nero had been hunting for. It was a deep, melodic voice, race indeterminable to the Cassian. He listened to the woman's words, his brow knitted as sea water lapped at the rough skin of his feet.

"Instead of living amongst 'em like we were one 'em stars just hangin' there without a home we can now sit back, look up and be amazed."

Nero stared up at the stars in question, frowning. Stars, huh? He remembered when he was living among them. Captaining a small privateering vessel, with Kragg and the Draken Stilts, among two others. Living about as well as he was now, on Nexus as more of a smuggler. Nero scowled softly, remembering how full of ichor and rage he had been, those first years after fleeing Cassus. Sleeping on the cold metal floor of a ship had felt like bliss compared to the future of sleeping in a cot of a Star Comm ship as a soldier. Or the silk sheets and feather mattress of his House's prestigious home.

Now, disillusioned on Nexus, where everything was trying to kill him, and everyONE seemed to want his head--where his stomach ached with hunger, and he made a living watching money dwindle or erratically crop up with dangerous missions and jobs...Darkness. He scrubbed at his face, grumbling before breaking in a self-loathing grin. He missed that bed. He hated his father, but he missed that bed...

You fucking idiot, Mercurius.

Nero squeezed his eyes shut, as the radio continued to play that deep, low beat. And the female voice continued:

"Jus' remember to keep an eye on ya six an' you'll be aight. Keep one on ya buddy's too, cause they might miss tha jump watchin' YOUR back. Ain' nobody gotta be alone out 'ere unless tha's what they aimin' for. In that case, keep two eyes on them. They need it."

Nero creeped open an eye, staring at the radio. His attention, however, was behind him. At the still lit ship, powered down except for the occupants living inside it in cramped quarters. Nero rolled his eyes up, deadpanning at the moonlit horizon. Let's see. He had a Draken on board who was there against his will, who'd slit open his throat if Nero didn't have that shock collar on him to fry his nanites. He had a pissy, 'broken' Mechari ex-captain without a ship that loved to undermine Nero's authority. And he had a fat Chua idiot who enjoyed eating through his supplies and sleeping, instead of doing his job. Oh, oh--and the best one of all. An AI that cannibalized his old AI, the last 'thing' on Nexus he had ever cared about.

'Tell me, oh stars,' he mouthed to the sky with a terrible, spiteful grin. 'Where's the justice in that?'

Friends? What friends. They were all strung together for convenience's sake. He hadn't had an actual friend since...ASIRI. And...And...

And Fowl.

Nero stared forward his eyes...softening, as he dipped his lips in a frown. Fowl. Fuck. Nero lifted a hand, dragging it across his face before releasing a breath while combing fingers through his hair. Fowl was fine, he was safe--in Malgrave, while Nero squatted in fear here in Wilderrun. Gods, he missed the little idiot now.

'Ain't nobody gotta be alone out 'ere unless tha's what they aimin' for.' The woman's voice had ceased, swallowed by static once more, but Nero was still meditating on those words. He stared at his radio, thoughtful looking even with the scowl that was a constant on the Cassian's face. After a moment, he clicked it off; it was set in the sand, as he curled his legs to him and sat, chin atop a hand, staring at the sea.

Sooner or later, he'd go back inside. Maybe more civil to the last few people he had on this planet.

...Or on second thought, maybe just heading to bed, without a word.
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