Hi, I'm Tawa and I have been known to drawn pictures.

Today, I offer avatars for $25-

nightwolf-1-300.png serril-1-300.png

I'll draw whatever subject you want- Chua, Draken, and Granok don't scare me off.

If you want one, please email me at tawawawa7 ( at ) gmail .com with the word "COMMISSION" somewhere in the subject.

I will require a few things from you in the email-


Type of commission

Image ref of your character- I will NOT work from written descs!

Expression or action your character will be doing

We’ll talk it out and agree or disagree on the commission and discuss the payment cost through Paypal. Do not send me the money until after I’m finished. Sometime later, I will send you a sketch to approve of before I move on to finish your drawing. I will try to complete your drawing a week after showing the sketch, not a week after accepting the commission. Once I’m done, I’ll show a small preview of the artwork and then require payment. Be sure to select no address needed! Then you get your finished art! Everyone’s happy!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask through email.