Greetings Ladies, Gentlemen, Aurin Matria, Mordesh Reapers, and Granok Soldiers!

As per recent announcements, the Charyb is moving over to a new location and renaming! Only this time, we need YOUR help to name it! Thus we're holding a contest for the best name for our plot, in which you can have a chance to win CREDD for your creativity!

Here's the criteria as follows:

  • Originality - Something nice and original is always appreciated. Of course, original names are probably hardest to come by, since a ton of name combinations are already out there, so we won't be looking at this too strictly.
  • Theme Appropriate - The plot has distinct aesthetic to it (Pictures of which can be viewed HERE and HERE). Try and figure something out in line with how the plot appears! As a mostly underground club/bar/lounge with computerized Dome imagery (this is the plot's main gimmick) and inspiration gleaned from the underwater city of Rapture from the Bioshock series, it's up to you to decide what would be appropriate.
  • Catchiness - The name should be something catchy, something that's sure to get people's attention when it's mentioned!

We'll evaluate the list of names through these criteria and pick the best one among them! To enter, simply send a mail with your name to Alexander Darrow on the Jabbit server. The name will then be noted on a separate file and critiqued. Please note that only one name per player is allowed - alts are forbidden from entering multiple names.

The contest ends on Thursday, September 10, 2015! The winner will be announced In-Character on Saturday, September 12, 2015. Any questions can be forwarded to Alexander Darrow, Rowen Graywind, or Sirnana Snowdew. In the meantime, have fun coming up with creative names and good luck!