"Everything is different now. It seems as though things may have calmed down since I left. There hasn't been any recent hears of any of those blasted Legion members. Xi and the others have gone out into the Fringe. Here I am returning after so much time, and I hope everyone still remembers me. It would pain my heart to know that those wonderful people were long gone."

The Cassain would be looking out the window reminiscing on the past. She had left known Nexus space after she and other were accused of being traitors to the Dominion. She would have gone into a self proclaimed exile until rumors would have subsided, by giving false information that she had fought the Strain and was doing research off world. Thought not entirely true she needed an excuse to not be tracked for a good long while.

F'ime sighed. It had been far too long since she had left, and it was as if a knife was twisting into her gut. She wanted to see her old allies and friends again. These long trips always bored her to death and thus made her very unhappy. As the ship approached Nexus again she had no idea what to expect when she landed. But one thing was for sure it wasn't going to be all happiness and joy. That is if no one was there to great her. Thinking on it she was questionable individual with different ideals on how to reform the Dominion. She did agree on some things but the constant fighting with the Exiles would bring the death of the great Empire.

It would be several minutes after the approach that the ship entered the atmosphere. The engine stalled causing it to free fall. Breaking through the clouds there was sand it appeared to be Malgrave. The pilot of the ship tried their best to keep the ship from completely destroying itself, as it crashed hard into the sand. The wings had chipped off and the noblewoman was shaken in her seat. Coughing some she tried to look for a way out, examining the damage to the interior it would appear as though that it suffered a bit of damage. Swearing under her breath she would find herself out of the ship. It had taken a while to move through the wreckage coughing a bit as there was a bit of smoke coming from the back.

F'ime touched her head and noticed it was bleeding. It would have appeared she had gotten herself hurt taking a moment she would lean onto the side of the broken down ship. Though not the first time she was in a ship that had crashed into Nexus. Remembering the many times that she had flown with that damned drunken Draken Xi. Shaking her head a bit she remembered that the ship she was flying untagged, and that most likely meant that both the Dominion and Exiles would have taken noticed. Personally she would rather not be taken by the Exiles if she had too. But it was all of the matter of who got to her first, and what would be done to her.

This could be either really good or really bad, either way. I am not in this best position right now. Banged up and not even close to home. Maybe Malgrave will be nice and not have me suffer. Heh too bad that old outpost isn't still around. Damnit all Xi, blowing up the entire place. But its fine. Whatever happens to me now won't matter if I can see everyone again."

Laughing abit as she smiled to herself. She was already beginning to think this was all a test of her already broken sanity.