So, I've owned a printer for quite some time now, about a year and a half. I love messing around with it, and I love challenging my ability to get prints to work, and look beautiful.
I thought about it, and I'm kind of all out of ideas to print for myself. I'd still love to print things, but I want to print things that will be appreciated somewhere, not sit around in my room for ages.

So, that in mind, I'm opening my 3d printer to anyone who has a model for printing.
If you've wanted to see any of your digital models formed into an actual object or figurine, I welcome the task.
Pricing is going to have to be worked out on a case-by-case basis, probably dependent highly on build time and filament use (less filament, stuff's cheap as heck; more build time), as well as which material you'd like the object printed with, and resolution you'd like it printed in. Ballpark, probably around $15, not including shipping.
I'd prefer to ship only to the US, but I mean, if you're not in the US, ask anyway.

Pictures attached of some of my previous prints, but I'll post more later. A note about them:
(1) You're seeing the windwaker's first build layer before I adjusted the build height to be a bit more even
(2) This was an art trade with someone who drew me a very beautiful picture in return. She provided the model, which was so insanely detailed, it crashed my software. Lol. You're seeing the pre-finished product. I'd cleaned it up some and smoothed out some rough edges before sending it out. (I do this for all prints)
(3) It's the phone out house needs, not the one it deserves. Lol, I printed the tiny baterang and taped it to my house phone. No one's noticed yet...
(4) I didn't print the frog - his name is Cubby, by the way - I had printed the destiny logo on his tummy. This is honestly the only pic I have of it, cause I gave it away.
(5) Medley, from LoZ: The Windwaker, encased in carbonite. Lol, actually, the stuff surrounding her is PVA material. It's a water-soluble filament used for supporting the print while it's printing so I can print at insanely weird angles. I don't actually have a picture of finished Medley, but I'll take one later and add it.

Let me know what you guys think of this idea ^_^.