(( obDisclaimer: The Blackrock Company referred to here is an NPC group of my own invention ))

Kitty's client list is informed that she will be on holidays for an unspecified amount of time.

The Lansaheart is placed in a parking orbit over Nexus while Kitty's skyplot is re-positioned from over central Thayd to the outskirts. Banners are hung proudly proclaiming "Welcome Blackrock Company" and "Blackrock Company Reunion". Work crews assemble 'nok capable furniture as kegs, other beverages and food are delivered.

A day or so after the crews are done and gone small groups, mostly 'noks, arrive and are greeted warmly by Kitty. Eventually the typical 'nok forms of revelry commence. More often then not Kitty can be seen entering and leaving her bunker sometimes looking worried and distracted.

Oh now what? A fault seems to have developed in her transmat. Oh it gets better, Protostar refuses to send a tech into the middle of a granok carouse.

Those looking carefully might be able to spot at least two armed squads unobtrusively patrolling the plot's perimeter. Well... unobtrusive for 'noks.