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[Spoiler for new players] Thorns of Arboria

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On the brightside, Dominion's quest involved seizing the quarry from Protostar and giving it to Freebots.
Kinda sad that they added the ICI using Freebots through hacking them. Maybe they made Whitevale before Auroria. Maybe they should edit that it was Protostar's proto-cult guys who done it (sorry me wanted consistency and wanted to increase Dom pop).
I even had an IC term for Protostar as "greedy wee-green merchants".
Douglas Bricius (Cassian Warrior Scientist, OC and Main character)
Brigid Bree (Human Stalker Soldier, Exiles Alt and future brewery owner)
Ferg McJinti (Chua Working Class Author)
Valeria Caesarius (Fleet Officer and a Lady)
Ursula Zaros (Mordesh Medical Migrator)
Posted Sep 9, 15
Partly because of awesome RP and corresponding character develpoment, and partly because of this storyline, I have written my first short vignettes in over fifteen years about sweet, bouncy Bunny Munchkin. Thanks guys. This feels really good.
Posted Sep 16, 15
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Read through this old thread and it kind of got me thinking as I did run through this quest on Susune, someone who ICly would be disgusted by the suggestion of 90% of all the quests in the game. OOCly, I enjoyed the change of pace for the Aurin, but at the same time it made my heart ache. I didn't like how as an Aurin player I had to do this quest. This came up earlier in the thread at the mention of the elder tree in Celestion; another instance I disliked as an Aurin player.

For me, especially as I've been developing Mynona as a character, I've come to dislike Protostar more and more as they are. Mostly for the selling to both sides thing, but also the idea that they have claimed land on the Exile's homeworld (or Dominion's rightful claim if you're a red) and are now selling it to them for (undoubtedly high) prices. (Not that I've seen any lore behind the actual cost of a skyplot besides the lvl10 cap) with no repercussions. Perhaps they paid both sides for the land rights and are now selling it back to citizens for a higher price plus the hover tech? A question for another thread I'm sure.

Anywho, the thread was asking for character reactions in the beginning.

Susune: Wouldn't do anything. From the Protostar side, She'd be distressed by the thought of even harming kin. But at the same time, if she did end up meeting the Thorns, she would likely just try to get away from them as fast as possible. As the empath she is, the flares of hostility, violence and hate would have her terrified. Should the Thorns turn hostile to her, she'd either be killed by them, caught off guard or run for her life, holding a serious fear for that area in the future.

Aylita: Would be conflicted. Lacking much of the background in her culture, having grown up on the arkship, she would be likely to consider siding with Protostar. At the same time, she wouldn't kill her own unless she were defending herself or her family. Diplomacy would be her tactic in most likelihood if it were possible.

Cyahnii: Would laugh at the idea of being hostile to her own then go towards the Thorns. But for her own reasons...

Mynona: If offered the quest from the Protostar rep. would execute the poor bastard on sight for even suggesting she turn her back on her people. Especially a group defending THEIR OWN LAND. Nexus belongs to the Exiles, not this third party trying to ruin and exploit the only home she has at the moment. If asked by the Thorns to help fight against Protostar, she wouldn't hesitate in joining them then commit to murder some protoclones. She'd probably knock off a few more afterwards just for fun.
Posted Aug 5, 17
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