Please be nice to each other!

Hate material and derogatory speech is not accepted. This includes but is not limited to racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, religious prosecution, and others

No trolling, flaming, or any other abusive comments and insults

Please don't use the forums as a platform for airing issues you have about any player, guild, or organization. Keep it private between the involved parties.

Please be considerate and respectful of your fellow players. If a player is feeling offended by a situation and requests you stop, consider and respect your fellow player's wishes.

Be respectful of people's professions.
Do not steal content

Do not borrow any creative intellectual/artistic property without permission from or attribution to its creator(s).

Please label adult material appropriately (18+ or NSFW)

We do allow some degree of more mature content, but please label it as such (+18) and place it within [ spoiler ] tags. While there is no clear line, please use common sense. Excessive material may be removed.

Mature content includes material sexual in nature, excessively violent or that deals with adult and potentially offensive themes.

Please Don't Spam

The selling of products or soliciting donations is disallowed with the exception of content creations related to Wildstar (artistic commissions, add-ons, writings).

Please refrain from posting of multiple messages of the same meaning and excessive 'bumping' of a topic.

Please keep the size and content of signatures and avatars within reason. Please use spoiler tags on flashing images as well as a warning, and please no flashing images contained within signatures.

Disciplinary Procedures

If you feel a member is violating any of the above, please make use of the report button and a moderator will review the situation.

Offenses will be addressed by severity on a case-by-case basis. Less severe offenses will result in a warning via Enjin's mail system while more severe offenses will result in temporary loss of forum posting privileges.

Repeat or highly severe offenses may result in a permanent loss of forum posting privileges, and may include a site-wide ban.

Members are not permitted to remove evidence that one of the staff has moderated that member's activities at WSRP.

Please keep disciplinary discussions between yourself and the WSRP moderators. If a member facing disciplinary action wishes to make an appeal, send a private message to the WSRP staff and we can talk - constructively!

In-game Channels

Please note that the WSRP and LFRP channels in game are not directly affiliated with this site. We are unable to enforce the above in game channels, but we still ask to please follow these rules if at all possible! Being nice is never really a bad thing and we all want the same thing - to create a fun RP community!

Remember: this is a public forum!

Please remember that the contents of this website are searchable by Google, and public forum posts can be read by anyone on the Internet. Be mindful, and make sure that you have a good time RPing so everyone will know!

Sections of the above were provided by and inspired by the team. This is a living document and we'll address as necessary!