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Sound's Commissions Specials [ Open ]

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Current Commission Deal: Jason' Summer Love Special! (original tumblr post)

Name: Sound/Jason
Artist type: Amateur, self taught digital with college level traditional course work
Commission Status: Open
Time Zone: EST
Tablet: Wacon Pen and Touch 5x8
Programs of Choice: SAI Painter, Art Rage, Photoshop

!Contact Info!
Art Tumblr: Sound Gallery

About: Hi, I'm Jason! I only open my commissions for specials typically, mostly do gift art or thank you art, but in the rare case I have a need I open shop. I've been doing art for almost twenty years now (since my childhood), so I have a great passion for it. It's a hobby first, business endeavor second. But I do like doing it, and like money- so hey it's a win win!

I would love to work for you, and look forward to your drawing needs!

Back by popular demand!

I’m opening 18 slots for two weeks for my DA:I inspired romance cards. Since I only have so many shifts and hours for the next two weeks and bills to keep meeting, any work will be greatly appreciated. Turn around time will be two days tops with how much I truly enjoy making these cards.

You can get one card for $15 (but through paypal consider sending $15.76 due to how much they take from me! Calculate here!)- or you can get your OTP done and get the second one half off for a total of $22.50 (thats $23.48). I also accept payments through Google-Wallet!

Please email me your requests (, and send any references (preferably a full face close up, in game if it is a video game OC, or if there are no special details to your character). I’ll accept any and all universe based OC’s!
Posted Jul 4, 15 · OP · Last edited Jul 16, 15
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Each day I'll do 5+ hours of work (depending on breaks). These are my current available time slots. Get yours today!
Time Slots Avalible wrote:
Monday- Kethri (for 'one hour'). 1/5 used
Tuesday- OPEN
Wednesday- OPEN
Thursday- OPEN
Friday- OPEN
Posted Jul 5, 15 · OP
Streaming Live now!
Posted Jul 6, 15 · OP
From yesterday's stream! We'll go live again today at 10AM EST! We have 1 hour slot, and a 3 hour slot. Can still take up to 3 more hours today! If not, I have time slots all week still, up till Saturday!

Spoiler: Kethri in a SuitShow
Spoiler: Kethri in a dressShow
Posted Jul 7, 15 · OP
From today's streaming thus far!

Potato Jane!
Spoiler: Sunburnt TatersShow

Chloe Davis!
Spoiler: DavisShow
Posted Jul 7, 15 · OP

Thats right! I have at least 9 more slots left for this two week special! Examples of the Romance Cards can be found here!
Posted Jul 16, 15 · OP