Hi there! I'm Magara Mountainstriker from Entity server. This thread is a collection of things you might find useful for getting into PvE. I am gathering useful addons, guides, specs, and builds for all classes in this thread. Please feel free to contribute!

  • Addons
  • General Guides
  • Class-Specific Guides, Builds, and Advice

RuneMaster: Helps you plan out your rune slots effectively.
StrikeHard Meter: A DPS meter.
ForgeUI: A minimalist UI overhaul. It replaces the default skill and targeting bars with much cleaner options.
OptiPlates: This replaces the awful default health bars with something that's much clearer at a glance. This is another option for those who aren't as drawn to ForgeUI.
AuraMastery: An extremely powerful general-purpose buff/cooldown/proc/resource tracker. It can be complex to learn to use, but the wiki has some ready-made settings for each class you can copy and paste in.
EntSpy: Pretty much required to complete Malgrave Trail.

General Guides
The One Level 50 Guide: A bit outdated, but still a great all-in-one general reference guide for endgame. Also has a good section on "Am I ready for veteran dungeons?" you should check if you want to get into those!
All Classes Best-in-Slot List: This is not updated from Drop 4, but it still is the best-kept BiS list around for many classes. If there is another BIS list posted until your class's heading, that one is probably better than this.
Wildstar Life Runecrafting Guide: A decent enough introduction to rune crafting.
Halfthor Runecrafting Guide: An incredibly in-depth guide covering everything you might possibly want to know about runes… though it doesn't explain the basics very well.
Pulse Video Guides: Video guides to most veteran dungeon bosses.
Learn All Veteran Dungeons: A compilation post by reddit user Omniphagous containing resources for all veteran dungeons!
Wildstar Datminer: A fantastic utility for searching up every and any item, mob, quest or map in the game! It's an even more thorough version of Jabbithole, in my opinion. It even comes with 3D previews for armor and weapons, and it can tell you the droprates/location of certain mobs/items. A fantastic way to find good costume items that aren't found anywhere else. (Thanks Cryss!)

Class Specific Guides
Drop 4 Warrior DPS Guide by Ceyx
DPS Warrior Drop 4 PvE/Raid Rotation and Build (Discussion by several posters)
Warrior Tank Guide by Helel
Curo's Warrior Tank by Curo (not updated)
Tanking Help (discussion by several posters)
Helpful Posters: Ceyx

CK's Healslingin' Guide by Mr CK
Spellslinger Healer PoV Videos/Streams by Rakii
Spellslinger Elder Game DPS Thread by Spythe and others
Drop 4 Specs (DPS) by Kialandi
Helpful Posters: Mr CK, Wandal, Spythe, Kialandi

Ihas Deeps! Engineer DPS Guide by Ihas
In The Zone: A DPS Engineer Guide by Carthh (note: outdated; thread replies are useful though)
The Comprehensive Engineer Tanking Guide by Claimed
PTR Engineer Findings (DPS) by Ihas
Helpful Posters: MoePork, Ihas, Psynis, Claimed

Rezel's Medic Gear List by Rezel
Healing Pve Medic Compendium by Reglitch
Medic DPS Compendium by Nimmock
General Raid/Dungeon DPS by DoctorHouse
Helpful Posters: Iskiab, Renita, DoctorHouse

DPeSper by Leylin San
Healing as Esper by BobSlop
Esper Raid DPS by Psyphil
Helpful Posters: Leylin, Thrills, BobSlop

Stalker DPS Guide by Sauce
Drop 4 Stalker Amps by Konungr Stormrage
Assault Stalker Stat Weight Gear Comparison Spreadsheet by Konungr Stormrage
Stalker Tank Guide by Helel
Thott's Stalker Tank Build by Thott
Stalker Drop 4 Tank Discussion (Contribution by several posters)
Helpful Posters: Ravick, Konungr Stormrage