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[EU - Exile - LFRP] Do we have any budding Therapists/Psychologists?

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"Mr Stonehammer?"

"Yeah, Janet?"

"There is a lady on the phone asking if we provide Therapy?"

"Thera- We're a goddang auto shop!"

"I told her that Mr Stonehammer, she just seemed confused, and insisted she talk to the head doctor"

"Didn't Billy the Baker say he got a weird call asking about Psychologists?"

"Yes Mr Stonehammer, she's very strange, it sounds like she has been calling businesses all day looking for a doctor."

*Deep sigh* "Hand me the phone, I'll ask around, let's see if we can sort this poor girl out."


OOC: I'm looking for an IC Therapist or Psychologist. Simple as that!

I don't wanna go over details, we can do that IC during sessions, which I could have as often as once a week.
(-maybe- twice some weeks)

SO! If you RP a Therapist or Psychologist let me know, and lets get together!

OR! If you thought about it, but thought you wouldn't get any clients, I'm your girl! And perhaps some of the grizzled soldiers on Nexus could be too!
(Luluna) (and her lab.)
Posted Apr 14, 15 · OP
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I know one soldier that seems to need one.. (*cough* It's Keph *cough*)
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Posted Apr 14, 15
The Voidrunners are also looking for someone who provides these services for psychological evaluations of a subset of employees. Based on the outcome of recent missions we might also need to employ you for crisis consultation in the future.

If you are interested, please leave a message here or contact Voidrunners Inc. executive assistant Ludvig Papova.

OOC: You can also poke Aliette Harkens ingame. You are free to conduct your sessions in any way you see fit, be it humerous, serious or batshit-crazy.
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Posted Apr 19, 15
Well maybe I can help - not my Charakter though.

There´s a Physicus that has startet to play Wildstar and of course -obviously- Rp.
His name is Mikhail Voskin. Don´t be shy and text him. I think he would enjoy that :)
Besides he is not that Forum-Guy, thats why I post it ^^
Posted Aug 29, 15 · Last edited Aug 29, 15
My character, Anlini Starshard, is technically qualified in psychology (Though please note that myself, OOC, is not so a lot of my knowledge is lacking, but I have been in similar situations myself) and she works on commission so you can let me know if she would be of any use, if not, I hope you are able to find the right person.

Edit: Whoops, I didn't realise how old this thread is, I'm going to assume the opening is now closed (If it's not, let me know), apologies!
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Posted Aug 30, 15 · Last edited Aug 30, 15