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Dominion: The Vigilant Church

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Seems a long dead effort, but no less, see if I can find some life left in here.

In great darkness, look to me, for I am your brother. In great darkness, when the night is lost to evil, call on me, and I will rally to your call, for I am your brother. Have you lost your light, here brother, I have carried yours as well. Are you lost, hear my voice and find your way. We shall see the end of shadows together, or together be bathed in the light of eternity. For the good of all, we give all. For the good one, we fight for the one. We are justice, we are light bringers, we, you and I, brother.
Posted Aug 8, 17
“Blessed Scions, I pray to you in silent voids of space. As I give my voice as those who serve on Dominion’s mighty vessels of fulfillment of destiny through shipment and batteries. Hear me, which my hymn will be of those fell during the battle against those who wish to challenge our rights with their starships. Scions, please provide solace for Captain Augustus Lemartes’ and 34 souls whose sacrificed their lives over the orbit near Ellevar. As one of many who wield the tools to forge the Dominion’s destiny, let my words be heard. Thank you.”
(Prayers for the Enlisted Spacers, Deepspace Vigils)
Just space themed vigils. Have an alt who is space navy officer.
Douglas Bricius (Cassian Warrior Scientist, OC and Main character)
Brigid Bree (Human Stalker Soldier, Exiles Alt and future brewery owner)
Ferg McJinti (Chua Working Class Author)
Valeria Caesarius (Fleet Officer and a Lady)
Ursula Zaros (Mordesh Medical Migrator)
Posted Aug 9, 17
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