Reminder of event [ENT-XFAC] The Crows Nest Tavern on 2018-01-21 07:30:00 pm
The Crows Nest is open for business once more. Come enjoy the warm atmosphere of the newly remodeled tavern interior, enjoy the finest in booze and alcohol...
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Reminder of event [ENT-Dom]The Vigilant Church: Sunday Vigils on 2018-01-21 07:00:00 pm
Guidance and words of wisdom, provided on behalf of the Vigilant Church. Held on the plot of Tannis Septacron.
Reminder of event [ENT-ALL] Spaceport Asteroid EX285 on 2018-01-21 03:00:00 pm
Kick back and relax on Ekose Spaceport Asteroid EX285! We offer food, drinks, crossfaction company and the chance to brawl one another (for a hefty fine)! ...
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