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Waypoint Down – a Nexus Adventure (ONE SLOT NOW OPEN)

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Waypoint Down – a Nexus Adventure

Waypoint Down is an adventure for 6 to 8 characters. It is an open ended adventure that will be presented as episodes – not unlike episodic television series. The action will be as light or intense as the players allow, and look for subplots and mystery!

As canon lore thus far is rather sparse, we won’t be canon Nazis – and such players need not apply! The idea is to have fun, and there’s bound to be some divergence, so we’ll bite that bullet when the time comes. But for now, let’s hew to what canon IS to be had, and as a default let’s refer to the pages here, here and here.

We'll use the timeline here but the only thing in lore thus far set in stone is whats on the official site.

I won't be enforcing " naming rules" or conventions as I regard such things as hopelessly anal, but they're provided as a good flavor and atmosphere so lets at least use some good sense and avoid the really egregious naming BS - if you MUST play a character with a name that strains credulity and immersion (we've all seen em ) then I cant stop you, but I will point and laugh publicly - lets be respectful of the venue! If the character has a name that other RPers would cringe at on an RP server, assume its not really appropriate here. 'Nuff said!

The OOC information and updates page is here and includes the posting schedule, rules and guidelines as well as a character /player roster

The Premise

The players will be operating as explorers (in the general sense, not the Path sense ) establishing a new settlement, exploring a new zone. ( none in canon, this will be a completely made up zone for our purposes – to avoid canon issues and to protect those who are NDA that have play tested Deredune, Algeroc and others) This while I’ll be using canon sources, don’t take it as lore altogether, for obvious reasons that won’t be practical. We’ll instead stay true to the spirit of the thing as details can change at anytime as Lore is released – when that happens I’ll update as we go.

Waypoint Down


Waypoint Down is a tiny settlement that is being used as a waypoint ( hence the name ) or base of operations to explore a new sector - this is a completely unexplored zone, with only a five mile radius of the settlement being cleared, and not altogether secured. Supported by Waypoint Station, an orbital facility that allows docking, refueling and supply of ships in the Exile fleet, shuttles run up and down from Station to Down on a twice weekly basis.

While the crews and players will pass thru Waypoint station they will find the orbital facility is well disguised as a derelict vessel – a huge old freighter, it has holes, missile strikes, and effort has been made to make it appear to be no more than an Exile ship destroyed in space combat. Thus far the Exiles have managed to avoid Dominion notice thru diligent efforts and the fact that in the Nexus rings, the Trojan points and asteroids make excellent hiding places, and concealing a craft in the debris of a space battle isn’t difficult – but the players will have to be discreet. This is also the reason for the intermittent schedule of the shuttle runs – if there’s any chance of Dominion detection they are put off, as Exile Command has decided that they don’t want a fight over Waypoint down until they are ready. Resources are stretched thin, and the players must make do as best they can for now.

On the whole, Waypoint down is two things – what in military terms would be called a forward operating base – a point of contact and departure for patrols, exploration parties and as a military strongpoint for when the Dominion makes its inevitable presence felt. Military planners in the Exile military have told the characters that while the Dominion hasn’t shown any interest yet in this remote and tiny village, it’s not a matter of if so much as when. The players are expected to help get the village up and running as well as explore, secure and survey the area.

But the primary mission they are given is simple – Starting from its humble beginning, map the area, secure the area and make the village safe – because the plan is for Waypoint to become the first Homestead in the area. It’s hoped that by doing so the settlers can come in and make Waypoint a viable town. As such, the players aren’t simply setting up a camp or simple military base – this will be their future home.



Facilities are sparse, and very basic – the Settlers landed and in about a week ran up two buildings – one, a communal hall, barracks and medical facility (with two beds!) and the other being a communications, operations and working shop for maintaining equipment. There is a boiler plant, as the settlers having not yet had the chance to install one of the scarce remote fusion plants – so power is adequate but not plentiful.

There is a small but well stocked motor pool/machine shop stripped from one of the older, decrepit vessels. Salvaged parts and systems are available, but as yet no one has made much use of them – the village is, after all, barely a month old and most of the buildings and sheds are ramshackle at best. There are tents as well as prefab buildings, that accordion up from their pallets, but most of these lie awaiting occupants.There is also a small crafting station as well, but its a modest field system.

There are a few vehicles - hoverbikes, and a gravsled.

There is a small armory, mostly devoted to repairing weapons rather than storing them, however.

Waypoint Down is protected by a shield generator - salvaged from a ship it is effective but temperamental and has the habit of intermittently failing as its capacitors will periodically overload - nobody yet knows why, and so far its chalked up to being an idiosyncrasy brought on by its cobbled together components.

The Base
A basic map of the base layout.


The Buildings


Building One - Facilities

Green Areas - Operations areas
Blue areas - Medical Section

1. Communications, command and sensors - this room has the radios, communications and sensor systems. It also contains the primary systems for the bases computer core.

2. Lavatories

3. Armory and weapons repair

4.A small dayroom and lounge. a few chairs and two tables,there is also a small entertainment system.

5. Mess hall and dining area. Immediately adjacent is the kitchen/ galley

6. Sickbay - medical ward - two autodocs, automated medical facilities which when managed with a medically qualified individual can effectively rebuild and repair any injury short of death, depending on severity in a matter of hours or days.

7. Lavatopry, washup and scrub room.

8.Pharmacy and medical supplied

9. Sickbay - medical ward - two autodocs, automated medical facilities which when managed with a medically qualified individual can effectively rebuild and repair any injury short of death, depending on severity in a matter of hours or days.

10. Operating theater and medical examination.

11. Gear room, supplies and storage.

12. Medical computer and diagnostic systems

13. Medical supplies and pharmacy

14. Down stairwell to bomb shelter. Bunkered and capable of sustaining shelter from anything short of a direst hit, it doubles as supply storage. Munitions are also secured here.

Garage - motorpool, repair and mechanical working area. Included machining and fabrication tool, the garage can accommodate two large vehicles or three hoverbikes, and has all lifts, jacks and hydraulic necessary for anything to include breakdown and rebuilds.

Forcefield generators protect the building and are redundant to the main shield used to cover the base.


Building 2 - Quarters

1. Mens Barracks

2. Womens Barracks

3. Casual dining area

4. Dayroom, gear up and community locker area. A small armory and weapons lockers are also here.

5. Granok quarters.Reinforced bunks and flooring!

6. Granok quarters.

7. Base forcefield generator

Five Passenger Cargo Tranporter and Carryall Flitter


Capable of carrying five passengers and one pilot( in the forward cockpit ) the Flitter Frame is a common field taxi and carryall. It can be used to ferry people at altitudes in excess of 500 feet at a brisk 75 miles an hour, although its more likely the pilot will show mercy on his exposed passengers and do somewhat less, as they can be heavily battered by the slipstream of the vehicles flight.

It can be used as a skycrane, lifting up to two tons and is often used in this fashion moving prefab structures, scaffolding and other heavy lift needs. It can also carry cargo - usually netted or moduled and carried beneath via lift cables - and has a power winch. Its most obvious weakness is its lack of any kind of cover, even for the pilot, and so it subjects both pilot and passengers to weather and flight buffeting.

It is reliable, rugged, and designed for ease of maintenance, with the trade off of being tricky to fly in the hands of the inexperienced. While its extremely stable in flight its function is grav lift and vectored thrust making the controls very touchy to operate, but in a good pilots hand sits capable of very delicate maneuvers.

Waypoint Down Area Map


Mapping of the are is both fast and loose - remember, the area is not well explored at all, and only the area immediately in the vicinity of the base has been explored and mapped in anything other than the most basic way.

The scale is approximate; 60 kilometers north to south and 20 kilometers east to west.

Cargo drops are marked in red. The drops are as follows:

Far East - food, rations and ammo.Basic first aid supplies.COLLECTED. Also included the Carryall frame
Due North - medical equipment and a field laboratory
Due west - communications, and medical analysis and laboratory equipment. This drop also has the spectrum analyzers and centrifuges, as well as the medical database.
Southwest - Mechanicals, electronics spares and power cells.

Navigation beacons are marked in blue. These can be used as reference points for land navigation as well as mapping, and if a character can pick up the nav beacons signal; they can use them as a means of guiding themselves back to base. They operate on a guarded and rotating frequency to evade Dominion detection, and any character wishing to use them must make a note of having loaded into the base computer for the days frequencies.

To the south of the base, the blue dotted areas denote marsh and swamplands,as well as bogs and likely quicksands.

Dramatis Personae

Captain Cyrus Stebbins - Commander of Expeditionary Forces - Stebbins is the players initial poiunt of contact, being in command of the 33rd Overlanders, the explorers company that made the initial landing and Settlement at Waypoint. He's well known as gruff, no nonsense and very good at what he does. He backs his people to the hilt, and views the Explorers as the guys in the most dangerous profession in the fleet. He will be the man in charge of the effort to Homestead Waypoint.

Delmore Krupky - The previous Settler Officer, a lieutenant. he is back aboard recovering from wounds received at the claws of a vind, though these were minor - the bulk of his injuries were the result of being trampled by the herd of rowsdowers he was driving, to his embarrassment.

A veteran explorer he was responsible for the initial survey and mapping of the bases area, and he and Sushi were the settlers last in residence. he had also made brief contact wit the local gang of Darkspur Cartel, but what affairs or dealings he had none is sure - and he neglected to inform Sushi as they had previously beaten her up in a passing ride, on the theory it would affect her willingness to go far from the base. ( a completely correct assessment, it develops).

Anderson Cawood - Intelligence analyst and field assessment officer for the Exile Academy of Science, attached to the Waypoint Down operation. He is well known to any graduating or working for XAS as he is a staple figure there, his primary job being to assess, evaluate and collate data incoming from Nexus. he is a professor emeritus of xenobiology, but his assignment has made him more of a generalist, which he hates as it brings him in contact with people he holds in low regard.

He is a fussy, uptight figure of a man, thin, pinched of face and brittle of manner. His attitude is typically supercilious and he regards himself head, shoulders and groin above most folk he meets. This is most often evidenced in his briefings, when teaching classes or discussing his work - anyone dealing with him recognizes he is a vast fount of information, all current and deep in quality but always delivered with the authoritative manner of someone who has read every report, seen every holofile and vid, processed every file and has never stepped foot in the field.

While Captain Stebbins ( who works with him daily) values him for his capabilities ( he really is excellent at his job) he despises him for his manner towards his men - Cawood is a functionary of the worst sort : a deeply petty man in a position of power over others.

Susan "Sushi" Cray - a tiny, young, hyperkinetic mechanic and engineer, Sushi is one of the first Settlers assigned to the base at Waypoint. Originally down with Delmore Krupky, she was at the time of the cast's arrival the only remaining member of the original settler crew still on station.

At 17 years old, she is the youngest of the cast, and while well regarded in the Fleet and considered something of an engineering and mechanical genius ( if a bit eccentric) she has almost no real combat abilities to speak of. In combat she relies on cleverness and misdirection, as she has niether real combat skills nor the ability to take anything more serious than what she refers to as "a skeeter with hailtosis".

Villains, Rogues Gallery and Hungry Beasts


Two Toes
- a water beast resembling a large alligator or crocodile, Two Toes is a vicious carnivore who lives in the stream east near the base. Aggressive and territorial, Two Toes got his name for having had one of his toes shot off by Delmore Krupky when he and Sushi were attacked while collecting water and laying a pipe to the base. In fact, Two Toes has proved problematic enough in his pursuit that the planned pipeline never got put in.

Krupky's replacements disappearance is actually due to Two Toes predation, and Sushi knows it - and thus she affords him a very wide berth, being unabashedly terrified of the beast. Worse, he has now acquired a taste for humans and has prevented Susan from taking in water, making every attempt at replenishing the water store a life and death adventure. He's been willing to camp the yard of the base, trying to catch her - Two Toes regards her a sweet morsel and the arrival of new humans will attract his attention as welcome additions to his menu.


Grubsnak Purchernikx

Local Honcho of the Darkspur Outpost to the south.Grubsnak is known as one of the two grinders that stole one of the early cargo drops. While he delivered a serious beating to Sushi on a retrieval run, he later came to regret it on two counts - After a visit from Krupky he lost an arm wresting contest and some face in the gang as well, but not before taking a thrashing of his own. Since then has steered clear of the base - he's a thug of his word, although that may change when he finds out Krupky has left. Grabsnak is the reason Susan equipped herself with a hammergun ( the same one used on Hawkins ) for protection.


Waypoint Worm

A subterranean carnivore, the Waypoint Worm ( also sometimes called a land squid) is known to inhabit the plains west and north of the Waypoint Base. Their area of habitation has thus far been marked by a lack of larger wildlife, though smaller life forms such as jabbits and birds seem prevalent.

Little is known about the Worm or its habits, but they have proven to be aggressive hunters. Current speculation has it they travel underground, and using their tentacles and horny mouth attack prey from below. They are fast ( able to travel underground at a pace equal to a fast jog) and are quite strong. Thus far their preferred method of attack is ambush, pulling their victim into the ground where it is either mauled to death, or else dragged along behind and beneath the ground until they are effectively beaten to death by impact injuries.

Its yet unknown if they are intelligent, or if they hunt in packs or are simply numerous and mutually opportunistic, but they do evidence feeding frenzy behavior and a willingness to cannibalize.


Waypoint Shrill

Not much is known about the shrill. A large arboreal birdlike creature, they show some strange amalgam of traits indicating biomechanical elements. Their feathers seem metallic - their wing feathers are certainly knife sharp and they use their wing feathers and tail feathers as features of their attacks, their talons being mainly used to grip pray rather than claw.

They have four wings, are roughly the size of large vultures and seem to be found in colors ranging from metallic blues and blacks to dull bronzes. They are definitely flock hunters if the ones attacking the scouting party are representative and inhabit the groves of trees that sporadically dot the valley. Aggressive predators they will willingly eat and kill their own wounded, but while they will eagerly attack they are also cowardly, retreating if they lose he initiative of an encounter or feel the prey is too willing to resist. If they are in any way intelligent remains to be seen, though thus far they have evidenced only a rudimentary cunning.


Settlements- In Exiles parlance, Settlements are small groups, units or teams of settlers and adventurers that are establishing towns. A Settlement isn't a town yet, rather its best described as a town in the making, from which a township can grow. Staring out as often as not as a simple camp or a couple of buildings, the goal of settlements is to secure and establish a territory sufficient to support a population, and eventually be able to provide desperately needed manufacturing capabilities vital to self sufficiency. Settlements can often have a variety of focus, from fishing and hunting villages to mining towns to places supporting crafters and farms for agricultural production. However, all Settlements have one thing in common - they are starting points where the goal is to become a permanent presence on nexus

- Homestead has a very specific meaning to an Exile. While the act of homesteading is creating a plot or farm, or claiming land, Homestead ( with a capital H) means a plot of land owned by the original claimant. Homesteads are plots awarded to Exiles for a variety of reasons, and in a fleet of exiles on the run, being granted the right to claim land is a major perk, reward or privilege.

While most settlers are assigned a land plot ( or area) to reclaim or build on, a Homesteader is granted land that they must develop, settle, secure and claim entirely on their own ( or, in some cases, may be awarded choice plots as incentive to establish Settlements)

There's obvious advantages to this - someone who has Homesteaded a choice bit or terrain, crossroads or prime farmland has a very real chance at wealth and power in what is a new frontier. Not simply a thing of name only, either -because a Homestead isn't simply a plot of land - Homesteads are recognized by the Exile Command and Councils, and are owned by the Homesteaders family, in perpetuity.

XAS - Exiles Academy of Science
- The primary Exile source of scientific study and research. They are not simply an academic and teaching arm - most Exile scientists come from this organization, were taught by it or work for it - the XAS is also active in the field and supports all Exile endeavors. They teach and administer most scientific research and maintain teaching programs all science disciplines, of which engineering , quanta physics, paranormal and metaphysical studies ( commonly referred to as magic) Botany, xenobiology chemistry, macro and micro biology,medicine and xenomedicine, psionic studies ( Espers) psychology and all attendant disciplines as well as a host of other fields.

Within the Exiles they are a prestigious organization. Few in the Dominion will admit it but the XAS teaches, manages and guides minds every bit the equal of most of the Dominion think tanks and academies - the major difference being driven by necessity. While Dominion scientists tend to enjoy vast resources and are stronger on theory and long term researches, the XAS must make do with limited resources and " fly by the seat of their pants" types of laboratories and facilities. The side effect of this is XAS scientists are often more practical in execution, more effective in the field and are more " hands on" in their researches as a rule


Links to all plot points and opening scenes to Episodes.Simply click the hyperlink in blue.


The Call
in which the cast is summoned to a meeting for reassignment, and perhaps adventure!
The Briefing in which the cast receives some information, and find themselves in need of making a decision...
The Mission in which the cast gets the real story behind their assignment, and discover things are bit more urgent than anticipated.
Meanwhile, at the location of Waypoint Down…In which a Cassian agent unexpectedly encounters a small engineer. Hilarity ensues.
Departures in which the cast makes ready to depart for Nexus and the adventure of a lifetime, with the safety of the entire Fleet in their hands!


Dirtside - The Cast arrives at Waypoint Down, where they find a Surprise,and begin work on the Settlement.
Adventures In Nature - in which the local wildlife makes its presence felt.
Licking Wounds in which the cast as well as the local wildlife recover and take stock of the days events.
Minefield! in which a trap is well sprung...
Rescue and Pursuit in which Rousing Action ensues!


The Butcher's Bill in which the cast suffers the consequences of combat.
CRASH! in which the cast dodges an incoming shuttle
An Attempted Murder! wherein someone tries to do in the Cassian Prisoner. Investigation ensues.
A Change of Command in which Pax finds herself with an uncomfortable new job. Meanwhile, Fen finds a sinkhole the hard way, and Elden ruins as well.
Exploration and Law wherein The Exploration of the Eldan Ruins continues, and a Legal Presence is requested.


Life on the Arkship is never dull, and with the advent of the discovery and exploration of Nexus, the atmosphere is electric. Everyone in the fleet has been scrambling in the desperate effort to secure a place and look onto this new hope, but one thing Exiles have learned is the Verse is a harsh place, and the Black is vast.

Everyone has been engaged in the communal effort, some working aboard ship others exploring, others engaging in the battles that follow the fleet - Exiles have been on the run for generations, such is the life. Now you find yourself on The Gamblers Ruin, resting after a run to the surface, or perhaps just a hard months scrabble in the fleet. Here everyone in the fleet eventually wanders through, if for no other reason than its the hub, the core of the fleet and if there's any amenities, this is where they're found. Two days into your leave its been good to have no pressing duties.

This is the state of affairs when you receive a beeping message on the shipboard wave - " report to Conference Room Three , Deck Twelve for reassignment."
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Gerick Benefactor
The lights in the small cabin flickered alive as the panel beeped excitedly with a new urgent message. Gerick groaned and turned over in his bed attempting to hide from the light. The walls and ceilings of his room were covered in maps and charts. His tiny desk was covered in loose papers all covered in scribbles and simple doodles.

The beeping continued and he finally sat up, his eyes half closed. He only managed to get to bed a few hours ago. He had stayed up late compiling his notes into some semblance of a report. He stood up and put some pants on before checking on the newly received message. "Another day in paradise."He sighed heavily and threw on a shirt over his scarred body, put on his boots, and grabbed a notebook from the wobbly pile of books sitting in the corner. He sat a pencil on his ear and sleepily made his way down the corridor to the meeting.
Posted May 9, 13
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Packetdancer Benefactor
*dleep dleep* *CLONK!*

"Ga'dang misbegotten Draken-lovin' piece'a scrap...!" Pax backed out of the access hatch, wincing; pain aside, there's a uniquely cringe-worthy aspect to the sound of someone's head connecting abruptly with a metal bulkhead. Especially when the head in question is your own. Her commlink would choose this moment to go off, when she'd just found another way inside the bulkheads that wasn't on her maps of the ship yet.

The message, however, made her momentarily forget the growing lump atop her head. 'Reassignment' generally meant a change of scenery. Her interest piqued, she gathered up her gear and set off for the conference room as quickly as possible. Well, almost as quickly as possible; maybe a slight detour to pick up something for her head along the way.
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Zackarie L. Benefactor
"Alright, just a few more hours and we can head back to the Zaiya for the remainders of that analysis" Fenwick chattered happily to his Scan-Bot companion hovering at his side. The bot responded with a happy whistling sound. "Yes, I know you like it there better, it's somewhat... Cozier." Fenwick nods, then turns and looks to the scan-bot as an alert starts to emanate from it.

"What's going on?" The Aurin looks to the scan-bot as it relays the message, he sighs lightly "Well... I guess we're not going back to the Zaiya for now then. Let's move, PROBIE." The Aurin turns and heads towards the conference room.
Posted May 9, 13
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"Another seven for Berry!" An observer commented aloud to a friend.

"It's Jeri." She sighed, giving a quick glance to the tallying numbers on a scan-bots display. Mmmn, Credits. A decent pull for the start of the day and last night's earnings were definitely a nice boost to the pot for this morning. A short grin flashed across her lips and she looked back to her playing opponent, a set of illusionary dice rolling about to different numbers in front of her as she waited for his turn.

BEEP! Incoming Message for Jeria Redberry!

The Scan-bot began chanting the phrase in between beeps, hovering as close to the Aurin's red mouse ears as it could. "It's Jeri." Noting her opponents dice total, she scooped up the real dice from the floor and rolled them. Before they could settle on a number, the scan-bot began whirring and beeping again, putting itself right in front of Jeri's face.

BEEP! Incoming Message for Jeria Redberry! Report to Conference Room Three , Deck Twelv--

Screaming, Jeri shoved the bot away, her illusionary dice fizzing away and turning into a large pair of screwdrivers, threatening the bots panels. "QUIET! I heard you the first time! I got it alright!" Scoffing, she scooped up the dice and shoved them in her jacket pocket. "Gonna have to finish this later. Maybe you'll be luckier when I get back."

"But you took all my credits! And my shoes!"

"OH. Right." Leaning over, she yoinked the shoes from right off the human's foot and tucked them under her arm. With a tilted smile, she headed for the conference room... or well, the corridor and elevator shaft that would eventually get to the conference room. "Why. Why today of all days. I just started having fun," she muttered to herself, stalking up the hall in frustration.
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The docking bay was always loud. The coming and going of supply carts, technicians and pilots scurrying to and fro, and the clanging and banging of machines and parts, not to mention the occasional ship shuttling out the bays, or new ones coming in.

Snek often decided to contribute to the cacophony by blaring loud music near his bay, whenever he worked on his pride and joy, the Boulder Holder. The lewd metal music barely made a dent in the sounds of the bay, but it was close enough to his head that he could hear it when propped up under his ship, reconnecting a hose, or Stone forbid adding underlighting.

The music was interrupted though, a notice coming out of the device instead, "Report to Conference Room Three , Deck Twelve for reassignment. The message continued on repeat, drawing an exasperated groan from the Granok. A loud bang of his head on metal as he scrambled out from under the lifted ship.

He rubbed his noggin, checking for any new chips, before making his way to switch off the device, "Yeah, heard ya tha first time." The tall, lean Granok adjusted his belt lightly, before making his way out of the bay. A soft "Chirp CHIRP" coming from his ship, the tail-lights flashing twice.
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A message began to ping on a nearby holovid as the large, ponchy Granok man failed to hear it while doing some early morning welding. He lifted up his face shield to observe his work when he finally heard the message.

"Well ain't this fishy? No one gives Murdok a message, especially one this early."

He would cast off his face shield and adjust his overalls as he hobbled over to his holovid to check and see what it was. "Report to Conference Room Three, Deck Twelce for reassignment".

"Odd. Maybe someone bust the motor on their hovercycle again and the're gonna blame it on bad cooling. Oh well."

That said, Murdok began to make his way towards the deck.
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The violet eye peered through the O-ring and Nebb's tongue stuck out in concentration traced a circle as she scanned the part for any blemish. Her comm unit beeped and deciding the ring's condition met her criteria, Nebbs returned it to the oily rag and wiped another grease smudge across her face before checking the message.

It took a double blink *blink*blink* for Nebbs to register she had a job.. well a probable invite to an initial meeting that might reveal the possibility of a likely job... if she played her cards right... maybe. So picking up her things and leaving some payment at the table Nebbs headed out of the corner of the eatery she had managed to nest in for the past several hours, and off to seek adventure, or at least something other then refurbishing an injector unit for her bike.

Time since her last job had been a while, and though she made do with the odd medical consult to fund her expences, which was one way of saying treating various unsightly space/ship/suit rash in a discreet way.. she felt the need for speed, adventure and general shenanigans.

So with her over-sized saddle bags over her shoulder, the slight Aurin in biker chick dress jandered towards the conference room, her blue haired tail swishing and her ears twitching for mischief, and muttering to herself, "I hope they have some chewy food, yes nothing sloppy a nice crunchy chewy root salad would do just nice. Yes they should at least lay some food on."
Nebbs (Ears & Pistols) vs Jezebel (Horns & Blades)
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A lone scanbot dodged the heads of scrambling pedestrians as it moved among the various electronic vendors on the Gambler’s Ruin. It was slightly larger than the standard issue probe with numerous added components and a sleeker, more streamlined frame. It turned its scanner from one stall to the next, looking out for a certain item of import. It suddenly braked as it received an urgent transmission, forcing a running Aurin to narrowly duck the floating sphere lest her head took a beating.

Redgrave’s voice crackled through to his bot, distant and preoccupied. "Servitor, I’ve just been notified of a briefing in Conference Room Three, Deck Twelve. Attend it in my stead. Your current objective is now secondary in priority.” Servitor beeped in confirmation of its new directive and made a beeline for the nearest elevator.
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The bolt squealed in protest as Gaius worked it loose. He lay on his back beneath the sink’s piping, wrench in hand and brow furrowed.

“One more bolt aught’ta do it… Just loosen this and... AUGBLUH!” A gush of water hit Gaius in the face. He bolted upright, coughing and wiping his eyes as the water pooled around him. “…LEFT to close the valve. Of course,” he grumbled, giving the red lever nearby a shove. The water slowed to a drip. Gaius stood, looking at the water slowly soaking into his one thread-bare rug. He sighed in frustration, “Gonna have to clean this up, or it’s just going to rust everything.”

<BEEP> <BEEP> “Gaius Caster: Report to Conference Room Three , Deck Twelve for reassignment.” The message blared from the small communication console on the wall. It continued to repeat until Gaius brushed the confirmation button on-screen. He ran a hand back through his soaked hair and sighed before queuing up a comm call. “Hey, Ma? I’m real sorry ‘bout this, but I had a sink problem, and I’ve gotta report for a possible assignment… Yeah, my mop’s in the closet. Thanks, I love you too.”

Gaius hurried to pat himself down with a towel, changing into some dryer clothes, and tugged on his jacket as he ran out the door.
Evion Art: Deviantart / Tumblr
Evion's WS Characters
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